'Domestic protectionism'

From Robert Whitcomb's "Digital Diary,'' in GoLocal24.com

The National Review has run a superb piece – “The Scourge of Domestic Protectionism’’ -- by George Will about how local and state laws burden consumers to protect entrenched economic interests. Rhode Island and Massachusetts have plenty of such laws.

Will concludes:

“First, domestic protectionism that burdens consumers for the benefit of entrenched economic interests (e.g., occupational licensing that restricts entry to professions for no reason related to public health and safety) is even more prevalent and costly than are tariffs and import quotas that interfere with international trade. Second ... modern government — that recognizes no limits to its competence or jurisdiction is inevitably a defender of the entrenched, and hence a mechanism for transferring wealth upward. Third, only courts can arrest the marauding of the political class when, with unseemly motives, it pretends to know more than markets do about society’s needs.’’

To read it, please hit this link.