The objects located me




''The Table, his house'' (archival print), by JOETTA MAUE, in her show "In Transition....''  March 4-29 at Kingston Gallery, Boston.

She  told the gallery: " I turned my eyes away from those relationships that had so long inspired me, toward the objects that surrounded me. The objects were real, solid, reliable, less malleable, less fleeting, tangible markers of this moment in life. The pile of trucks my son left on the floor was less ephemeral then the fact that my son was changing at an unfathomable speed. The dirty blanket on the couch was reliably there while my partner was often on his own journey without me. The beauty of the sunlight on the plants, that I never seemed to have time to water, made me remember why I had plants in the first place. The objects became what located me in my state of transition.''